Josephine in Yellow Double Gauze


I know many of you are focused on “kid sewing” this week (you can check out the Kid’s Clothes Week blog for all the fun), and I did manage to finish a couple of matching pajama sets for my kids yesterday using some cute Fanfare fox flannel! But because my blogging always runs a week or two behind my sewing, instead of cute kiddos today, you get another lovely top for ME.


This is a Josephine top, made with the same yellow double gauze that I used for Clementine’s birthday dress. I absolutely adore this shade of yellow, and I still have another yard of the fabric left so you’ll probably see at least one more thing made out of it. Double gauze is a soft, double layered loose-weave cotton fabric and I’ve sewn many things with double gauze (you can see some in this post on my favorite garment fabrics) because I love how soft it is. This double gauze is made by Lecien, but Kokka is the most widely available manufacturer of printed double gauzes that I know of. This pattern is one of two women’s patterns I’m working on for fall; the other is the Washi Expansion Pack which I’ve been showing examples of for the past week or so. I previewed the tunic view with a wider sleeve in this preview post a few weeks ago.


The cleverest thing about this pattern (if I do say so myself) is that the end of the darts are hidden behind the first pleat, which makes them uber-easy to sew. The Washi Dress has an angled dart that can be difficult to sew without little puckers at the end (I know, I know, I need to do a tutorial on that!!!), but this one, this one is practically foolproof I tell you. Those of you who are well-endowed in the bust area will also be happy to know that we are making a bodice piece that has a large bust dart (for C/D cups) as well that will be interchangeable with the smaller A/B bodice you see here on me.

The other thing that’s different about the top view is the small elastic casing that you can see in the photo above. This is optional — you might want to omit it if you planned on tucking the top in, for example — but I think it produces a nice flattering fit for wearing it untucked.


The Josephine Sewing Pattern is coming soon…right after the Washi XP. Can’t wait!!

25 thoughts on “Josephine in Yellow Double Gauze

  1. I can’t wait for this one. I love it so much!! My first washi last week was a total success. Super excited for this next pattern. 🙂

  2. Rae, what a lovely top and it looks so good on you! I would love to wear more yellow, I adore the colour, so sunny and fun, but I can’t. Whenever I put it on it looks like I have a major liver problem 🙂

    • I definitely have that same problem with citron yellows and lime green. For some reason if it’s a warmer yellow I can pull it off! 🙂

  3. Think this will be available before you host your retreat? I’d love to make Josephine there. Ummm…now to seek out some double gauze…how much should I buy?

    • Hi Amanda,

      We’ll definitely have all the pattern pieces and sizes, not sure about the instructions at that point, so there will probably be *something* for you to work with!!

      Hmmm yardage is about 2 yards for the top I think and about 2.5 for the tunic (or 2 if you have 54″ or wider fabric)…

  4. Wow, this is so pretty on you! It’s the perfect shade of yellow 🙂 I would love to have some double gauze in solids, I will have to look for some!

  5. Ooh, I really love this version of Josephine!! I can’t wait for both of your new patterns to be released!

  6. This is beautiful. It may be the first garmet I sew for myself (excluding Halloween costumes and PJ pants).

  7. I like the sleeves a lot, I like the puffiness that they have at the shoulders on the second picture. On the other ones they seem to have less volume…
    I’m just waiting for the expansion pack to make a perfect little black dress with those sleeves! Can’t wait!

  8. This is just perfect!! I hardly ever make tops for myself because it’s hard to find a fabric that’s lightweight enough and a pattern that fits well. This is so lovely! I’d love to try this pattern sometime!


    (It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to get going on this one. I actually had a tear in my eye at the “well-endowed in the bust area” part 🙂

  10. Question: you posted a green shirt a while back that looks like it might be a Josephine as well. Is it? And if so does that mean there will be a banded bottom option for Josephine? Because I ran across the most beautiful sheer paisley mystery fabric at a remnant sale and the green shirt is exactly what I had in mind for it…

    • Sara — That green top was the precursor to Josephine, and the fit doesn’t *quite* work without a zipper. I’m thinking about adding bands to the bottom of the top version of Josephine, but we’re still working through some fitting and construction issues. Stay tuned!

  11. Love this top, but the blog post had me in a roller coaster or ups and downs – a moment of exhiliration at the mention of larger bust sizes, then a big downer when I realised that only mean C/D cups. I am a GG cup (!) and would love to buy some of your patterns – I’ve been so close to getting the washi dress many times – but I’m not confident enough that I’d be able to adapt them for my ample bust (even with the helpful links you provide) so I’m yet to take the plung for fear of wasting a lot of money. Any chance you could go slightly bigger with those cup sizings….? I would love you forever, and it would be nice to confidently make clothes other than skirts.. :o(

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