Styled by Clementine

When she came downstairs wearing this ensemble on Saturday, I have to admit I was a little jealous I hadn’t thought of it myself. Floral on floral? Brilliant and awesome at the same time.

She also requested that I make her “flower underpants and flower leggings and flower socks so I can be flower EVERYTHING!” Ummmm….I think that crosses the line, even for me.

But when this came walking downstairs on Sunday, I was pretty much blown out of the water:

I think she may have a special talent.

Pierrot with a Big Bow, blogged here.
Yellow Pierrot with pockets, blogged here.
Liberty skirt, blogged here.
Yellow chicken pinafore, handed down, vintage.
Striped tights, from Boden.

11 thoughts on “Styled by Clementine

  1. Oh my gosh! So stinkin’ cute! My daughter dressed like that all the time when she was little, “look it matches, they are both flowered” that’s what she’d say. Love it.

  2. Awesome! My daughter also has a very individual sense of style too. Today that involved wearing two skirts – one was flowery and one was spotty. One had to sit lower down on her waist so it showed underneath… it was quite a sight with the spotty tights and layered t-shirts…

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