Ruby Dress in chambray and voile


I needed some new photos for the print cover of the Ruby Dress Sewing Pattern so I had Karen whip up this chambray and voile version last week at the studio. I have been hoarding this fabric forever and ever so it’s fun to have finally turned it into something wearable.


Ruby will be the next women’s pattern of mine to go into print. It’s true that I already have some great photos of Ruby — this Leah Duncan Tule/grey chambray version was a big hit — but it seems a bit misleading to use that one for the paper pattern cover because it shows the yoke with a lining rather than the default bias-bound neck and armholes. The lining technique IS covered in my video series for adding a yoke lining, but the instructions were a bit too complicated to put into a pattern meant for beginners; it’s really better seen than read. So I guess the question is: is it OK to put a lined version on the cover, if we have to send people to the website to see the videos? I don’t know. The second question is: will this version (made with gorgeous Anna Maria Horner voile and indigo union chambray) SELL the dress as well as the original dress? I hope so. What do you think?


Anyway, now I have a beautiful summer dress and some new photos to boot — my sister Elli just had a baby a month earlier than expected (more on that hopefully soon!!!) so things are moving a little slower than usual in the pattern production department, but that’s fine. It’s a Baby Year over here, and I think that is pretty fantastic.

You can purchase the Ruby Dress Sewing Pattern (in a PDF version!) right here.

13 thoughts on “Ruby Dress in chambray and voile

  1. I think your decision to use this new dress (the one that perfectly follows the pattern’s written instructions) for the covershot is the ethical one. 🙂

    Since the original lined dress is so pretty, could it be included elsewhere in the pattern with the video url? I love when patterns include instructions for additional modifications, and definitely see that as added value.

  2. I love that you even bother to think about the potentially misleading nature of using the original dress as the cover photo. I’m willing to bet hardly anyone would have even noticed the discrepancy, but I seriously appreciate that you care about these kinds of little details.

  3. I agree with Alli, I think the sample shown needs to match the actual pattern as written, regardless of whether it’s the “best” way to do it.

    I come across this in my knitting designs all the time. Since it takes so much time to knit a sample. I often end up with some details I’d like to change, but don’t have time to (especially when I’m working on someone else’s deadline). But if the sample photo matches the written pattern, people can look at it and decide for themselves if they’d like to make a change or do it as written and know what the outcome will be. With the wonders of the internet, there’s usually a ton of mods out there to see if you have a different preference.

    Also that feather fabric is awesome!

  4. I like both versions, but I like the brighter/more saturated colors of this one better :). And I agree with other commenters–putting an example on the cover that accurately reflects the pattern is super important!

  5. way to be ethical, rae! you’re always good for that. yeah this is the right call, and it’s funny because when i first saw this i was all “didn’t she already make this dress?” haha. thought i was taking crazy pills for a minute.

    best wishes to elli and baby, hope all is well despite the early arrival! how fun to have cousins so close in age. you should probably move to seattle so you can have them play more often (and then we can visit more often too!). ;P

  6. Show the dress that the pattern makes – it seems the honest thing to do.

    The lining version is great too – maybe sell the lining instructions in an add-on pattern along with a way to add sleeves (cap, 3/4, etc) and peter pan collar? I like lots of options/variations when I buy a basic pattern like this so I don’t get bored sewing multiple versions.

  7. I’m with Alli. I think you should show what the pattern shows, but include the other pictures with a link. That really does feel like added value, and then you get to show both. I love the look of this one, by the way. It turned out great. Congratulations to your sister. I hope all are well and healthy.

  8. I think this dress is beautiful! The colors of both fabrics are so rich. I would buy the pattern based on this dress (if I hadn’t already bought the PDF based on all your other amazing versions!)

  9. Looks great! I just whipped up a ruby in Heather Ross’ Briar Rose! It looks fantastic! This pattern is so quick, easy, and flattering!

  10. Hip hooray for Ruby Dress in print! Yes as an excited store owner who will be stocking this as soon as we can get our mitts on it, it is important for the cover to feature a picture that is ‘as per the basic pattern’. And I think this new version is equally as pretty as the original. Is it the regular length or shorter? Being ‘devil’s advocate’ I think some customers might be wary of the length in these photos… I know it’s such a simple thing to lengthen but then people will question the fabric requirements and… it just gets complicated. I really kinda wish you could release the Washi Expansion Pack in Print too (pretty please?), because we get sooo many admirers of a Washi sample we have in store that has the bow neck on it, but it seems ‘one step too far’ when we explain that here is the printed pattern, but to get that bow you need to go to the website and buy this extra thing and print it out blah blah…. People seem to want what they can see right in front of them, with minimal faffing around. Sorry that was a very long comment but I thought it might be useful to pass on what I’ve observed 🙂

  11. I think this one is just as cute as the original and personally I love the rayon challis version with the long sleeves, I’ve made two of those and wear them in the cooler months. I even saw a rtw top at a shop recently that was the same style and its so great to know I could make one myself!

  12. Hi. This is the first post I’ve read of yours so I haven’t even seen the lined version yet. But I also think that you should use both photos. Use the above as the main photo and then have a smaller photo of the lined version off to the corner or something. I’d buy the pattern based on the above photo if it fitted what I was looking for in a pattern but knowing that there’s also an opportunity to expand my skills would entice me even more.

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