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One of the most common pattern-related questions I get over email is “is it possible to add a sleeve to the Geranium Dress?” The pattern has been such a huge hit so it’s only natural that people would want to add a sleeve when the weather gets cooler. I have made the dress with a sleeve a few times before (in fact, one of the earliest “Geraniums” I made featured a sleeve); usually I use the Charlie Tunic‘s sleeve and just gather the sleeve cap. This year I finally got around to fiddling around with a sleeve that is fitted; this takes a bit more work than a gathered sleeve because the sleeve cap has to be drafted to fit the armhole and you have to play around to get the right amount of ease, whereas a gathered sleeve just gets gathered to fit (super easy). Anyway, this is the result of our fitted experiment. I love it. The kitty fabric is part of Lizzy House’s recent Catnap line.





I’ll be completely honest, this sleeve isn’t ready to distribute in any meaningful way; it’s not even graded yet, and I’m not sure how to put it out there once it is. I really dislike multi-sized stuff being given away for free online; I think it devalues the work it takes to make something multi-sized, so my current thinking is that we could maybe make an expansion pack for Geranium, something like the Washi XP. Maybe some collar and sleeve options, and I have another idea for the pattern that I think would be really fun that I’m testing out right now. Anyway, I’ve got plenty of other projects on my plate right now (the Moon Pants Patternย is currently being tested, and the pattern pieces are ready for this new women’s pattern in the works), so my guess is that there probably wouldn’t be anything concrete until next fall at the earliest.



Pleaseย don’t pin or reuse photos of Clementine where she’s looking into the camera; I’ve put a bunch of cropped and side shots in this post that you can feel free to pin. Too complicated? Check out the ones I’ve already pinned right here on Pinterest. THANKS!

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  1. I would most definitely purchase a Geranium extension pack. Also, I was just internet-ogling this print yesterday! We can’t have cats because Husband is allergic, but I love kitties so…I was thinking I should just make all the things with cat prints ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Definitely don’t devalue your own work by giving it free! I think all of us would gladly pay for an expansion pack, your patterns are beautiful and easy to follow, you should be compensated for your hard work!

  3. YESSSSS! i love this dress so much! that catnap line is so amazing and i don’t have nearly enough of it in my stash. and i’m so on board with a geranium expansion pack – collars, maybe a couple sleeve options, etc…

    clementine is a doll.

  4. I am super happy that you are working on a sleeve! And I am also very happy that Geranium comes in such a wide size range. At almost 10 years, my daughter has outgrown a lot of pattern ranges but she still wants me to sew for her ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m about to cut out a Geranium that I plan to add sleeves to. I have another little girl’s dress pattern that has long sleeves and the sizes roughly match up, so I’m going to try popping the sleeves from it onto the Geranium bodice and see how it goes. More sleeve option designed specifically for the pattern would be great, though. I made the flutter sleeve once and didn’t particularly like it, so I almost always end up doing the cap sleeve version.

  6. So cute with the sleeves as well. But more importantly — Rae, when did Clementine grow up so much!!? Holy cow, I can’t believer how grown up she is looking. Put a book on her head, or stick her in an anti-aging capsule, or something!! Our little ones grow too darn quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Definately you can sell the sleeves as an add-on pattern to the dress, other designers do that, so I shall wait for it!!! looks lovely!!!

  8. Yes, please! I would love a Geranium expansion pack. My little girl is only 7 months old and has already outgrown four Geraniums. I see many more in her future, and I’d love to be able to add a longer sleeve!

  9. What an adorable little dress! It makes me wish I had a little girl in addition to my little boys.

    I think the idea of an expansion pack is great. Drafting and grading a sleeve is time consuming – and you should be compensated for your time. It’s not like it’s a cute hack that you’re sharing, it’s your hard work!

  10. Ditto on buying the expansion pack, especially if it includes collars and cuffs! This is such a great pattern and so customizable. I’m happy to sleeve and collar test when the time comes!

  11. It’s beautiful. And the expansion pack sounds great, when you get to it. We are happy to layer sweaters over our Geraniums until then:) This print gets me every time. Hope she loves it!

  12. Yes! Long sleeves would be lovely! My daughter happily wears her latest Geranium over a long sleeve tshirt but that takes away from the look a bit. And thank you for this pattern. This is my most-sewn dress/top pattern I bet.

  13. Hurray for an expansion pack! And a big hurray for the new womans pattern! I totally loved that on you andhopefully on me too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Love the sleeves! Yes, I would purchase the expansion pack too. I am courious what else you will add. Personally, I would also love a version that closes in the front, so my daughter could dress herself without help ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • My older daughter is getting on 9 years and Things that one can put on oneself are really essential. Mind you, she is more flexible than I am and never needs help with Geranium.

  15. Adorable pattern! Love the sleeves! Adorable fabric! Super adorable model! I have watched Miss Clementine growing up on your blog. She is continuing on from a beautiful child to be such a beautiful girl. Love those dimples! You are so blessed!

  16. Just wanted to add another comment saying yes to an expansion pack! Love this dress, and would love to have some sleeve/collar options!

  17. I love this dress and your beautiful daughter is really growing! This pattern is my most made dress. Or anything. I got big Geranium too. In fact, it is the first thing I made after I bought my sewing machine in 2013. I remember sending a couple of nervous emails about Geranium. It looks great with the sleeves! I think I am in no rush for any expansion pack. I can make my daughters wear t shirts underneath, and I doubt I have the wherewithall to add them, but I may be looking for additional features when this hits the shelves. I will be so good at sewing by then!

  18. Yes yes yes yes yes-yes-yesyesYES! Do you get my drift? Definitely definitely a sleeve expansion (haha) pack! I would totally buy it. And with a front-closure option? Brilliant. I have fabric prewashed lying on my floor *right now* to make my first two or three G dresses and now I’m so excited for the Geranium everything!

  19. I love the sleeves and would really dig an expansion pack with sleeve and collar options. It’s cold around here, and those little arms need to stay warm!
    Believe it or not, I just sewed up a Geranium with sleeves from the Hattie Dress pattern. It worked out pretty well.
    Clementine’s dress looks fab layered over jeans!

  20. Another idea for your blooming geranium extension pack–a bubble skirt! Love me some bubble skirt. Love the idea of a little Peter pan collar as well.

  21. I would LOVE you forever if you did a sleeve for the geranium. We live in northern Alberta and sleeves are a must.

  22. I wish this print came in a knit! I finished up my first Geranium last week, but then we were all struck with the strep plague and she hasn’t gotten to wear it yet.

    Excited to see that the pattern for your awesome double gauze top is definitely in the works! Are you able to tell us the yardage needed? I’d like to get some db to hoard for the release!

  23. I love making the Geranium dress! I’ve wanted to make it with sleeves, but I would definitely need to follow a pattern. I appreciate your hard work. I would definitely purchase an expansion pack!

    • Adding my voice to those eager to buy a Geranium expansion pack! I’m planning to add gathered sleeves to my next Geranium; will most likely muddle through, but I’d love a pattern/instructions.

  24. Yes please!!! I am dying for a sleeve option. Will happily buy an expansion pack. Gernium is my favorite pattern for my two girls.

  25. This pattern is already so versatile and useful, so I will definitely keep an eye out for the expansion pack. I will be happy to buy one whenever it is ready. Great plan!

  26. I just bought the geranium dress yesterday and would absolutely pay for a sleeve expansion pack. I really love the look of the 3/4 sleeves. I’m going to see if I can fit another sleeve on in the meantime from a similar style top pattern. Such lovely fabric as well!

  27. Absolutely love the Geranium pattern, I’ve made it many times and will continue to do so. I’d love if it had a sleeve and would happily pay extra so am very much looking forward to it becoming available.

  28. Expansion pack, with sleeves and front closures? Oh, yes please! I’d happily pay for this. Have you thought about adding a zip closure to the options? This would then make it my IDEAL dress pattern! Buttons are way cuter, but getting little ones dressed in a hurry is easier with a zip… ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I was hoping you’d make a geranium extension pack!!!!!! If love sleeves and a Peter Pan collar and really any variations of this dress! I’ve made so many for my first daughter and can’t wait to make a few for baby girl #2!

  30. Credit card in hand for the Geranium dress with sleeves (paper) pattern. You absolutely deserve to be compensated for your hard work and talent. Let me know when it is ready…
    Best, gail

  31. I’m here patiently awaiting the geranium expansion too! Just sewing up some fall dresses for my bean and wishing I had the guts to attempt sleeves. . .

  32. I came across this post when googling “adding sleeves to the geranium dress.” I would be so happy to buy an expansion pack that included sleeves before fall weather hits! And this dress is super cute, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I have loved this pattern for my munchkin and would very happily pay for an expansion to add fittted sleeves.

  34. I just bought the clementine pattern at a fabric store and I can’t wait to start using it for my kiddo. I was just thinking to myself if I could add sleeves. Would live to see to see an expansion to the pattern! Adorable dress.

  35. I have, and love, this pattern, and want to add my voice to the chorus of people asking for an expansion pack to add sleeves! Pretty please!!

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