Striped Flashback Tee for Hugo

blue flashback tee for Hugo

It’s been a while since I posted pics of le bebe, so let me show you the latest Flashback Tee I made for him!! It’s a whole new world of clothes-making for Hugo now that he’s fully into the 12-18 month size I tell you. Now I can make him Charlie Tunics and Flashback Tees since both patterns run size 12 mo – 5!! I had a few small scraps left over from a Lillestof knit I used to make this Flashback henley for Elliot, perfect for a tiny tee. I think it looks particularly cute paired with these mini Boden pants. Unfortunately the pants don’t fit over his cloth diapers very well, good thing they make up for their illfittingness (new word alert) with cuteness. I really should have made some yellow twill B3Ps!!

blue flashback tee for Hugo

He is teething in a major way right now: currently his third and fourth teeth are pushing through his upper gums, so this banana toothbrush has been in constant use as a teething toy.  blue flashback tee for Hugo

I added a little pocket, which is completely cosmetic and totally not useful (like pockets in baby pants. what are those for anyway? storing their baby credit cards?), but in my opinion make it 100% cuter. I really must show you my easy-peasy knit pocket trick someday.

blue flashback tee for Hugo

6 thoughts on “Striped Flashback Tee for Hugo

  1. SO CUTE! This makes me wish my child didn’t already have waaay to many clothes (hand me downs rock!).
    Baby pockets: so cute and seemingly useless — until they reach about 18 months and discover them and walk around all slouched over with their hands in their pockets, or shove every rock, car, blade of grass they find into them! So fun!

  2. I have been having a ball making flashback skinny tees for my 7yo daughter; I made four of them before running out of knit fabric…and then we got a big pile of hand-me-downs so I think she’s all set for school this fall.
    Have you ever considered releasing larger sizes of the Charlie tunic as you’ve done for many of your other children’s patterns? Just wondering.

    • Susan,

      Hi! Yes we’ve had a few requests for the larger sizes for Charlie; hasn’t quite been enough to really warrant releasing it, though. We’ll see though! Doesn’t mean it won’t happen!!! 🙂

      • Well, I promise I’d buy a copy 🙂
        My kids are 7 and 9 and aren’t guaranteed to wear everything I make them, but it wouldn’t stop me from trying.
        One of my colleagues – a guy – was wearing what looked a lot like a Charlie top yesterday with jeans and a sweater (it’s chilly here) and it looked really sharp. He used to live in Ecuador, so there’s an understated South American vibe to a lot of what he wears.

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