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Yes, I know, I know; I have a pile of things to finish but sometimes you just gotta make something in your head, you know? I had this idea to sew a pair of overalls with my Small World corduroy and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so during a nap I hacked my Parsley Pants pattern to make a little pair of overalls for Hugo. The Parsley Pants pattern starts at size 2 but is meant for potty-trained kids so the fit doesn’t account for a huge cloth diaper; I figured if I just cut off the legs and added a bib thingy on the top they would work just fine! Hmm. I was *almost* right.



I am lucky to have quite a bit of Small World sample yardage to work with, so testing out an idea like this isn’t a huge risk for me, but if I were trying this with fabric that I had less of, I definitely would have made a test version first. I will be completely honest: they don’t fit him very well.



What the photos here don’t show is that I had to put him in a disposable diaper instead of his normal cloth diapers just to get them on, and then they were so tight he looked like he was stuffed into them like a little baby sausage. Mmm…delicious little baby sausage (sorry I couldn’t resist — remember this post?). Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board if I want to make another pair (and I do!). Just need to lower the crotch / shorten the legs / lengthen the waist / widen the entire thing…you know, just a few minor tweaks and it’ll be downright perfect. Hah.



I wanted to share these anyway; as you can see things don’t always work out when I just jump in and whip it up. Sometimes it pays off…but sometimes it doesn’t!

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13 thoughts on “Overalls for Hugo

  1. These are coo coo cute! bummer about the fit…..I have a yard of your doggie small world fabric with overalls written all over them (i’ll need to use a pattern cause my brain always seems too tired to do my own patterning!! haha)….now just to make the time!

  2. Rae, love your website! Just wanted to say: instead of changing all those things on the size 2 you might try just using a larger size altogether. Try taking a pants pattern (that fits Hugo!) and lay it on top of the Parsley pants pattern then cut the size that is the same width as the pattern that fits. You probably thought of this already but I thought I’d write it just in case it saves you time.

  3. tee hee, they’re so cute! and shirtless baby in overalls, oh man adorable. definite bummer about the fit, but i’m sure you’ll figure it out. B3Pveralls maybe?

  4. I agree with all the comments! This size is just for s smaller baby. Just grade your pattern up a couple of sizes. I love the shape of these–you do not want them too full.

  5. If you’re not set on doing your own version, you could try Whipstitch’s Overmost. Or the Cottage Mama’s romper pattern, don’t quite remember its name. That fabric is adorable as overalls!

  6. Although I’ve used your pattern in the past, I have ALWAYS made some adaptations to improve the fit. It’s not the size per se, but the fact that the back (butt) should be longer and bigger than the front. If you look at bought trousers they are always like this, and a lot of patterns do take that into account. The centre back seam (crutch seam) should be a longer curve, and should go up higher than the front. If you look at this Dutch pattern which I’ve used as well, you’ll see what I mean.
    This is made with 4 pieces (i.e. 2 fronts and 2 backs) but I have sometimes cheated and straightened the outside leg seam and joined the front to the back so I just have two legs.
    I’m sure Hugo has outgrown these by now but if you make any more, it’s worth thinking of extending that back seam on your pattern, both height and length. Hope this helps. (And thank you for the pattern, even though my granddaughters are into larger sizes now!)

    • Hi Sheila,
      I think you’re confusing this (Parsley) pattern with the newborn pants pattern that’s free on my blog; you’re right that the crotch curves are the same height for the freebie (hence, it’s free), but you’ll find that the Parsley Pants pattern definitely has a *much* longer crotch curve in the back than in the front!!

      • Dear Rae,
        Thanks for replying. I didn’t realise this, and I’d assumed that maybe this was why you’d found the fit a bit cosy for Hugo. I’m so glad you take this into account in your paid-for patterns. I only blog about free ones, for people who don’t have much money to spend; and in the past I’ve recommended your new-born pants pattern with the proviso that the crutch seam does need to be amended for a good fit.
        The Parsley pattern does look good and Hugo looks adorable in them. If you have any more of the material left, maybe you could add an elasticated extension to each of the back straps so that when he bends down there is some give? In fact, putting some elastic in the bottom end of dungaree straps is such a good idea to allow for growth that I think I’ll adopt it anyway!

  7. Oh my goodness, I also have a Hugo! 🙂 I think that I will be making these cute little overalls for him too. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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