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halloween: How much do I love that Clementine’s Elsa costume has been finished since last Christmas? Or that Hugo fits into the Cow Costume this year? Or that Elliot decided against being Minecraft Steve (which was likely going to end up with me last-minute-papier mache-ing a box for that big block head and then E blindly tripping around all night because he has a box on his head) and instead decided on “Mad Scientist?” Anytime I can Prime a miniature lab coat, a pair of welding goggles, and some hair gel and have a Halloween costume, I am a happy lady. I don’t love to make Halloween costumes, although I do love to look at them once I’m done slaving over them, for example, this one.

pants: I’ve named the new pants pattern “Luna Pants” as a nod to the fact that they’re a bit like a lady’s Moon Pant. They’re graded, the first draft of the instructions are finished, and we’ve gone through the first round of testing, so I’m happy with how this one’s coming along. I’m also really excited because I think they’re going to be AWESOME in knit…more testing needed, but I’ll report back. I’m hoping to show you some of the fun versions I’ve been making here on the blog soon (one of them shown above). Hoping it will be ready in a couple of weeks!

travel plans: as it cools off even more here in Michigan, I’m really excited about two trips I’m planning to warmer places. In a couple of weeks, I’m taking Clementine and Elliot to Disneyworld. It’ll be their first time going to Disney, and it’s also first time I’ve taken them on a plane without Mr Rae so I’m a little nervous. Honestly though flying anywhere without Hugo sounds like a piece of cake.

I’m not gonna lie, the whole Disney vacation thing is a little insane. I feel like I’ve been taking a bizarre crash course trying to plan this trip. FastPasses, MagicBands, trying to get groceries delivered to our hotel, figuring out the dinner reservation system, the whole place seems to operate on a totally different set of rules and it’s a little weird…I don’t know. Jury’s out on this one, guys.

You want to know what the craziest thing is though? I haven’t told my kids we’re going yet. I have it in my head to completely surprise them. Right now my plan is to tell them the night before that they’ll need to get up early and get on a plane for a surprise trip, but let them figure out where we’re going as we travel. I haven’t worked out the exact surprise-reveal details yet, but they still don’t suspect anything as far as I can tell, SO SHHHH DON’T TELL THEM!!!

I’m also VERY EXCITED because I signed up for for Heather Ross’ Sewing and Craft Weekend at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs next January and MY MOM is coming too!! It’s been a long time since I took a “me” trip so I’m looking forward to just sitting back, relaxing, and sewing with mom and a bunch of other fun people. Weaving and Fabric Dying with Heather and Anna Maria and Annabel Wrigley? Yes Please. By the way I think there are still some spots open if you’re interested…it’s gonna be super fun!!

Best thing about traveling to warm places? I can still sew myself some summer clothes.

listening: I added London Grammar and Wet to my Mellow Sewing Playlist on Spotify and I totally recommend looking them up if you’re looking for some new music. Both groups feature amazing female lead singers, remind me of Feist, and have a beautiful, haunting sound that seem perfect for fall. Maybe if I could actually figure out how to post my playlist here you could listen to it…geez Rae you are such an old lady sometimes *facepalm*

watching: this week Mr Rae had to work every evening (yeah, bummer. it happens sometimes), so I watched Grey Gardens and The Theory of Everything. Both movies have been on my to-watch list, but not on his, so that worked out nicely. Both are based on true stories and sent me straight to Wikipedia to read more. I love it when that happens. Of course, as a former physics teacher I knew plenty about Stephen Hawking’s work and that he had ALS, but the movie is much more about his relationship with his first wife. Highly recommend that one!! Grey Gardens was really fascinating (and good) too.

Have a happy weekend, and a safe Halloween to those of you who will be trick-or-treating!

PS. Can you believe how big my kids look in that photo above?? I took that picture last weekend when we were playing at a nearby school playground. They are growing tooooooo faaaaaaast!!!

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  1. I’d completely recommend surprising the kids, I live in the UK and twice I’ve managed to drive my kids to Disneyland Paris and it was amazing to see their faces and will definitely be one of those forever memories in our family. The first time my daughters were 6 and 3 and we didn’t tell them beforehand because I can’t stand the ‘how-many-sleeps’ questions everyone else seems to love so we decided to just drive them there and surprise them. Earlier this year we went again, this time they were 12 and 9 and you’d think they would ask more questions this time but we just told them we were going camping in France and they took it at face value. We managed to get them all the way to the hotel car park without them realising and one of the kids was in the front seat!!! Very trusting kids I have! It will be one of our family stories how we took them all the way TWICE without them knowing, and how everyone else knew about it. The excitement on their face was amazing and to be able to say “we’re at Disney, let’s go have fun” was a fantastic parent moment! Have fun there and wear comfortable shoes as you will walk miles!

    • oh my goodness, that is an awesome story!! So fun. I love it!! and yeah, I’m excited, I think they are gonna love it.

  2. Oh, have a wonderful time in Palm Springs! The HR weekend is so much fun and the Ace has some tasty breakfast!! If you can, rent some scooters and take the ride up into the canyon where the palm trees are. It is a really nice morning/afternoon thing to do. You won’t regret it, I promise.

  3. Rae, I’m so excited about these Luna Pants! And possibly ready in a few weeks… Woo hoo! May I ask about the waistband- is it elasticised all the way round? They look so comfy. Can’t wait to buy 🙂

  4. Oh yeah, like Louise says above, the questions and anticipation can be too much from small people… after a while I never told my kids we were going anywhere until we were just about to set off! Disney surprise: awesome.

  5. I love that you are going to surprise your kids with Disney. We did the same thing many years ago and it was so much fun! Enjoy!!

  6. We’ve done the surprise trip thing twice with our boys. Once going to LegoLand and once going to Disneyland. For LegoLand we didn’t even tell them we were going to the airport until we got there. For Disneyland they honestly didn’t know until we landed in CA and another passenger on the plane said “Oh, you guys must be going to Disneyland, are you excited.” The boys looked at me shocked and asked if it was true. The guy felt so bad for spoiling the surprise. It was really funny.

  7. Sometimes it is nice to assemble rather than make Halloween costumes. I too have a family of five; that’s a lot of time sewing! I try to alternate years that I assemble with years that I sew them…so far it’s working out okay. Watch, next year my children will want to be something obscure, again.

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