New knit maxi dress

Hey look I made a new maxi dress! This is technically my first “make” for 2016.
knit maxi dress

This dress is great but the thing that really makes you go WOW is the fabric, which I found at a Field’s (a local fabric chain) in West Michigan. It’s a cotton baby rib that has been dyed, and it wasn’t super great fabric because it was full of little holes which I had to try and (sometimes unsuccessfully) cut around in order to cut out this dress, but I still love it anyway. The pattern is something I made up (I made a similar one before, but that pattern needed so much tweaking I started over this time). It could be a candidate for an upcoming Presto pattern, we’ll see. I have so many ideas it’s hard to decide what should really happen and what should not. I’ve worn this with a sweater and leggings and boots, but it was perfect in Palm Springs a couple weekends ago, too.

knit maxi dress 1

knit maxi dress 2

These pics are not up to my usual standards but at least you can get a general idea of how it fits. The first pic is cracking me up. Caption should be: “why oh why is it still February?” Seriously, when will I have natural light so I can take better photos again? I used a filter because the color of the dress comes through a little truer than it did originally in the photos; in real life it is a dark salmon pink, almost a clay color, if that makes sense. The dyed areas are a deep navy blue. It’s really beautiful in person. Looked good with my gold toes in Palm Springs too.

knit maxi dress : sandals

11 thoughts on “New knit maxi dress

  1. Really lovely, flowing without being to tight around the top or middle, that has certainly put me off maxi dresses in the past . Great fabric too. make more, make us the pattern! Looks really good. 😉

  2. YES, pattern please! Would love varying length options (maxi/knee length/tank top). Side note, why are there no basic knit tank patterns in the blogosphere? I still buy those things which is kinda silly. Made a pattern of my own once but wasn’t thrilled with it…

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