How to add a drawstring to Luna Pants

luna drawstring tutorial

One of my favorite things to add to the Luna Pants pattern is a drawstring, so I’m sharing a tutorial here to walk you through adding your own! This is part of the Luna Pantsalong; here’s a list of all the previous posts:

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(you can find the Luna Pants sewing pattern here if you need it)

Now for the drawstring: it’s so easy! Here’s a quick how-to:

Step 1: After attaching the waistband in Step 5 of the pattern, I press a small 1″ by 1.5″ rectangle of fusible interfacing directly over the front center seam on the inside of the pants, just below the waistband seam.

Sidenote: I used fusible interfacing to stabilize my waistband facings for this pair of pants, since the fabric (Loominous by Anna Maria Horner) has a very loose weave.

How to add a drawstring to Luna Pants / made by rae

Step 2: Mark and sew two buttonholes on either side of the center seam. I used 3/4″ wide twill tape for my drawstrings, so I made the buttonholes 3/4″ tall.

How to add a drawstring to Luna Pants / made by rae

Step 3: Stitch down the ends of two 20″ lengths of twill tape (or whatever you are using for your drawstring) at each side seam, just below the waistband seam. You can adjust the length of your drawstrings to whatever length you would like; I find 20″ works for me (I wear a size M/L).

This method places the drawstring through just the front half of the waistband, with elastic through the entire waistband. I prefer this because when it’s tied in the front, I can still pull the pants on and off easily. If you’d prefer a full drawstring, just use one long length of drawstring (60″ would probably work for most waists) and stitch it down at the back center seam instead.

How to add a drawstring to Luna Pants / made by rae

Step 4: Thread the ends of the drawstring through the buttonhole openings, being careful not to twist them.

How to add a drawstring to Luna Pants / made by rae

Step 5: Press the waistband back down into the pants, over the drawstring and pin and stitch it in place (this is Step 6 of the sewing instructions), leaving an opening in the back for the elastic just as you would if you were making the pants without a drawstring.

How to add a drawstring to Luna Pants / made by rae

Step 6: Once you’ve threaded the elastic through the waistband and closed the opening in the back, try the pants on and check the length of the drawstrings. Shorten them at this point if you would like. Then fold under and stitch the ends of the drawstrings to prevent them from fraying at the ends.

loominous lunas

Voila! Luna Pants with a drawstring!

Don’t forget to snap a photo of your pants when you wear them and email it to me, or tag them on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter with #lunapantsalong or #lunapantspattern; it also helps to tag me (@madebyrae) so I’ll see them!

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