How to shorten the Luna Pants Pattern

Hellooo! I’ve got something fun for you today, a quick video to show you how to shorten the Luna Pants pattern.

Luna Pantsalong: How to make the pattern shorter

This is for those of you who might find after making your muslin that the legs are too long or the rise of the pattern is too high for you. I cover adjusting both the legs and the rise in the video, both adjustments that would need to happen if you are petite. Reminder: just because you aren’t petite doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to you; for example, maybe you’re tall but have a long torso + short legs combo, or maybe you just want a lower (or higher) rise.

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One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that doing the opposite of these adjustments will make the pattern taller. Seems obvious…but thought I’d mention that just in case.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Still need the Luna Pants sewing pattern? Find it here!

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(you can find the Luna Pants sewing pattern here if you still need it)

4 thoughts on “How to shorten the Luna Pants Pattern

  1. Thanks for the great video Rae! I just finished my second pair, and hope to eventually get some pictures. I did a very unscientific version of shortening them, by increasing the cuff to 2″ instead of just one. They almost turned out how I wanted, but sewing that 2″ elastic into the cuff was not pretty!

  2. I got my first Luna compliment the other day at school pick up! The first time a wore them out in public. I am definitely following the sew along, as I might want to tweak the pattern a little for my second pair! Thanks for creating this pattern and doing the sew along!

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