Get Ready for Rose!

UPDATE: The Rose sewing pattern is now available!


The Rose pants and shorts pattern is coming so very soon, friends. Though it’s not quite ready to launch, I wanted to post some details about the pattern, since I know many of you would like to see the views, new size range, and get the yardage amounts and materials list so you can begin to get ready to sew this pattern.

Rose is a high-waisted pant and short sewing pattern featuring slash pockets and a pleated or gathered front. The front waist is flat while the back waist is elasticized for comfort and style. Choose from three lengths: long, cropped, or shorts.


Rose will be the first of our patterns to be offered in 11 sizes, XXS-5X (which is roughly equivalent to US ready-to-wear size 28), designed to fit hip measurements from 34.5-59″ (88-150cm). See our new size chart here:

To choose your size for Rose, measure the widest part of your hip using a flexible tape measure and use this measurement and the chart below to select your size. (If your waist measures larger than your hip, use your waist measurement to select your size.) Waist, bust, and upper bust measurements are provided for reference, and finished measurements are provided in the pattern instructions.

Fabric Recommendations
For Rose, you’ll need woven (not knit) fabric. I recommend choosing light to medium weight woven fabric such as tencel twill, rayon challis, linen-rayon blends, silk noil, loose-weave cotton or linen blends, stretch twill, cotton sateen, or chambray. In general: shoot for fabrics that have good drape and/or a looser weave; thicker “bottom weight” fabrics are not always recommended due to the elastic back waistband. While wovens with a small degree of stretch may work for this pattern, please note that Rose is not designed for knit fabric.

Coming soon: I’ll post my personal fabric faves for Rose!

Yardage Chart:

First choose find which view (long, cropped, short) you’d like to make. Then choose the width of your fabric and find the fabric requirement for your size.

Please note that while we make every effort to provide generous yardage recommendations to account for fabric shrinkage and pattern piece placement, if you have a one-way or directional fabric print, a fabric with nap, or need to add length to the pattern, you may need more fabric than listed.

You’ll Also Need:

  • 3/4″ (19 mm)* wide elastic for the back waistband – depending on your size, you’ll need between 24-50″ [0.6-1.2m] in length, total.
  • 1/4 yd / 0.2 m lightweight fusible interfacing (for interfacing narrower than 20” wide, sizes 1 and up will require ½ yd / 0.4 m)
  • coordinating thread

* OR substitute 1.5″ / 38 mm wide elastic if you prefer a single channel of elastic; you’ll need half the total length as needed for 3/4″ / 19 mm wide elastic. See this post: Rose back waistband elastic options for more details on elastic widths.

(FYI: I buy all of my garment elastic and interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply. I like their Pro-sheer elegance interfacing for the waistband. Not sponsored, just a great source. See this post.)

Previously posted:
Sneak peeks of Rose from me and other Rose testers can be found under the #mbrrose hashtag on Instagram. Here are a few other pairs of Rose Pants I’ve shared previously on the blog:

rose pants / made by rae

Loominous cropped pants, posted here

Ready to sew your own Rose Pants? Get the pattern HERE!

10 thoughts on “Get Ready for Rose!

  1. Hi Rae, this pattern looks gorgeous and it’s wonderful that you’re offering such a great size range. I would really love to also see the end of S/M/L size names too (from all pattern makers). The 12345 or ABCDE kind of sizes are so non-judgemental. I get that you’re probably wanting people to have consistency in being able to choose their size compared to your previous patterns, but just from my point of view, I always look at the measurements regardless of previous size in a brand. Do you think this is something you might consider changing in future? (Ugh, I hate to be one of those ‘I love this BUT’ people, yet here I am. It’s a personal bugbear! Love your work though!)

    • Hi Jane,
      Yes, this is an important issue, and definitely something Karen (MBR’s pattern developer/grader) and I have discussed at great length. You are correct that our decision to stick with the “old” labels (though a few years ago we discarded “XXL” as a size, and instead adopted 1,2,3 for additional sizes) has to do with sizing consistency between older and newer patterns, and to a much lesser extent, keeping some degree of consistency with ready-to-wear sizing (though this is a much weaker argument, for many reasons). So yes, we have pondered this and it’s definitely something we are always thinking about changing. In a society in which fat shaming is still so prevalent, will /any/ gradient label that “goes up” with size continue to be labeled as judgmental? Why do we attach negative judgements to the label “large” but not “small” when it comes to bodies? I do and will continue to think about this and appreciate this thoughtful feedback – I truly appreciate it!!!

      • Thank you Rae for your thoughtful reply! I agree with all your thoughts here about labels and judgements. It’s a minefield but it seems to be moving in a positive direction, which is something. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello, this looks like just what I’m looking for but will launch be in weeks rather than months? Wondering whether to be patient and hang on for this pattern – hope this makes sense!

    • Hi Clare! Yes, we anticipate that this pattern will be available within a few weeks. Hope that helps!

  3. I have been on the search for “work appropriate” pants & I do believe these are going to fit the bill! I was looking for pockets, elastic waist, high-rise and gosh if these don’t check all the boxes. I am ordering some linen/rayon fabric in preparation now. Can’t wait to try this pattern!

  4. I’m SO happy to see more inclusive sizing for the pattern! I started sewing a little while ago in the hopes of being able to make more stylish and well-fitting clothes after years of struggling to find things in stores or online that matched my taste. It’s been more than a little discouraging to find out that many patterns I love don’t include my size. I’ll be snatching up the pattern as soon as it’s out!

  5. Dear RAE,
    My measurements are more that the size 1, I am short and round. Usually when I cut a pattern in a plus size, the crotch is way too long. In ready to wear, I wear a 14P. What would you suggest. I’ve not had much luck with pants, but would like to try these. I have just the right fabric already!
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Jeanette Downing

    • Hi Jeanette,
      We have provided front and back rise measurements in the finished measurement chart so that you can measure your own rise and compare, then use that to decide how much rise you would like to remove from the pattern pieces. I’ve included instructions in the “alter your pattern pieces” section showing how to use the lengthen/shorten rise line to adjust the rise on your pattern pieces.
      Some people like to cut the rise at a different (smaller) size rather than deal with adjusting the pattern pieces, in this case you would use the finished measurements to find the rise that will fit you best, and use that size for the height of your pattern pieces, but cut width and everything else for the size you need.
      Hope that helps — you should be able to adapt this one pretty easily.

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