Friday Flickr Roundup

It’s been awhile since we showed off some Made By Rae stuff sewn by YOU! And with Kids Clothes Week just around the corner, we thought it’d be fun to help everyone get inspired.

We love to peruse the Rae Made Me Do It Flickr Pool to see the whimsical details that make these handmade things so special. There are some amazing fabric and color combos in this particular roundup. Such fun!

The Geranium Dress has become such a staple!

geranium quad

Top: Yellow Polka DotsTia’s Geranium; Bottom: 1st Birthday GeraniumTiered Geranium.

Check out Ren’s Flashback Tee (Left) with a tutorial to sew “burrito” pant cuffs (which would work on Parsley Pants); and Sophie blogged here about her son’s wild Parsley Pants (Right):


Erin from Hungie Gungie has really been going all out over the last few months with some Geranium Dresses and Flashback Tees. Here’s a little glimpse:
hungie gungie mosaic

Above, Top Left: Geranium in Washi + Gold , Right: Say No to Fruitcake (hahahaha!);
Bottom Left: Look what happens when you cross a Flashback with a Geranium ruffle sleeve; Flashback Skinny Tee.

Lots of Parsley Pants are cropping up in the Parsley Flickr Pool these days. All the contrast pockets, pintucks, and kneepads are just too cute.

lotsa parsleys
Above, Top Left to Right: Red Plaid, Orange PlaidGreen with Stars,  Echino Pants, Green Parsleys;
Bottom Left to Right: Blue Corduroy Parsleys,Three Parsleys on the Line, Orange Parsley Pants.

Brooke used Rae’s Fanfare Flannels (more colors of that coming this fall, woo hoo!!) to make some some adorableness for her boys:


Nic over at Createnic made these amazing matching Baby/Dad PJ pants (Big Butt Baby Pants on the baby here):
matching pjs mosaic

For those of you sewing up a storm for kiddoes next week, have fun! Can’t wait to see what you make!
Remember you can always add photos of your Made By Rae projects to the Flickr Pool.

7 thoughts on “Friday Flickr Roundup

  1. Oh, my stars! I didn’t know that Rae had fox fabric. Is it available now? I love that confetti too. I see that’s out, but can’t find the fox fabric. Where can I buy it? WOOT! I’m eager to try her fabric now, because I know she has high standards for the feel of it against the skin.

    • Susan — the Fanfare fabric line came out last fall, and it’s pretty much sold out everywhere. Stay tuned …. it’ll be reprinted in the fall.

      • Sold out everywhere? Well, a belated congrats to you for that! I’ll definitely stay tuned. That fox fabric is quite excellent. The confetti too! (hint hint Cloud 9)

  2. Thanks for featuring my dress along with these other gorgeous creations! It must be so rewarding to see so many great things sewn from your patterns!

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