Are you ready for a Beatrixalong?


The Beatrix Sewalong is now underway!
If this is your first time landing here, it’s not too late to join in. We’re taking a full eight days to sew Beatrix, and I’ll put links to each new post here as we move through the week. For this sewalong, I’m making a short-sleeved View A as shown in the image above. This is the simplest version of the pattern (View B has more pieces) so it’s a great place to start if you’re new to garment sewing, and the short sleeve is perfect for summer!

Here’s the Beatrixalong schedule:
I’ve mapped this out so you can work slowly, taking about 30-60 minutes each day.
Preparation – Gather your materials
Day 1: Friday, July 10 Measure and Print
Day 2: Saturday, July 11
Trace pattern and Make a muslin
Day 3: Sunday, July 12
– Cut and prep
Day 4: Monday, July 13
Sew darts, shoulders seams, and side seams
Day 5: Tuesday, July 14
– Sleeves
Day 6: Wednesday, July 15 –
 Prep and attach facings
Day 7: Thursday, July 16 –
Hemming and button placket finishing
Day 8: Friday, July 17
Buttonholes and buttons

Other links:
Bust Adjustment: How to shorten or lengthen a dart
Beatrixalong Roundup
The official Beatrixalong page
How to make a Beatrix View A with the View B button placket


36 thoughts on “Are you ready for a Beatrixalong?

  1. So glad you are doing this! It’s been years and years since I’ve sewn a blouse/shirt, so I’m digging thru my stash for an old sheeting weight fabric (or actual sheet) to use for a muslin. I want to eventually make Beatrix out of lawn, but don’t have any “not too dear” lawn on hand for muslin-making. So a lightweight sheet or something similar will have to do. I hope it will be similar enough.

    • oh yay!! A sheet should work out fairly well; they make pretty good muslins because they have zero stretch; so any fit issues will come out in the muslin; your final garment is likely to be more comfortable.

  2. Awesome! A Beatrixalong, I’m definitely in. Have you considered running it on Facebook? That way people can post photos and help each other out too. A bit like how a lot of designers run Sewing Tests. I love seeing how people are progressing and as long as you set some parameters up front it can be a very positive and fun experience. Just a thought, totally up to you, Beatrix is your baby after all

    • I hadn’t — partly because I haven’t actually figured out how to use the Made By Rae group Jess set up for me last year *headdesk*…so this is actually just about me not being familiar with the format than anything else. Heh. But it sounds like a great idea!!! How does one do such a thing?

  3. Yay! already purchased…now I need the perfect fabric. Muchas gracias/Vielen Dank/ Thanks <3

  4. Ok. I’m in. I’m SO glad you’re doing this! I really, really enjoy your patterns because I’m a self-taught sewer for the most part, and I don’t sew many clothes. Your pattern line and blog tips, however, have helped me enormously in understanding what I’m doing and actually ending up with clothes that FIT. I just finished one flashback tee and two pairs of pants (parsley and moon) for my 12-year-old and have fabric cut to make more. But this will be something for ME! I don’t have a blog, but I do have a camera (phone) so I can share progress. (I’ll have to take photos of the girl in her new clothes for school to include on the requisite pages.) Yippee! Thanks very much!

    • Aw wow that’s so nice of you to say, Susan! I’m so glad the other patterns have worked so well for you. I hope this one is just as great. So glad you’re sewing along!!

  5. I’m hoping to participate!! About to leave town for a week, but hopefully I can sneak in a trip to the fabric store while I am gone! I got so anxious for the release that I sewed myself new Washi and Bianca dresses last week. Now I am nice and warmed up!

  6. Count me in too. Hopefully I can keep up with everyone! Now I’m off to the fabric store……sigh

    • haha no worries about keeping up. Work at your own pace — I’ll still be around when it’s all over if you need help with anything. (hopefully)

  7. Yay! So happy you are doing this. I made a muslin this weekend and the fit was AMAZING! I tried to make a finished top this weekend, but am not ready for French seams (apparently) and could use some demonstration on the installation of the facing. A sew along should do the trick!

    Excited beyond words.

    Thanks Rae 🙂

    • you’re welcome, Emily!! What fabric are you using? Sometimes french seams can be tricky with certain fabrics.

  8. I am SO in! I’ve really only made baby clothes, so I’m looking forward to finally trying my hand at something for me 🙂

  9. Hi Rae,
    I can understand your waiting for something to happen as I feel the same seeing my half done Beatrix lying over my sewing machine, waiting for the next nap time to press the seams and to get on sewing. But even if the first (wearable muslin) one isn’t finished yet the second one is already cut out (a short sleeved Version A 🙂 So, I think I’m on!

  10. Just ordered the pattern – so glad for the sewalong! Moved from quilting to sewing clothes a year ago but this is my first project w/buttonholes. I know, a whole year of elastic waists and pullovers! The sewalong is what motivated me to try this pattern. I laughed when I saw ‘seam ripper’ as a recommended piece of equipment…no, it’s totally necessary! Off to print the pattern…

  11. This wasn’t the next pattern on my list after camp stitchalot, but I think I’ll benefit from more handholding! I’ve got to get my confidence up before I attempt the Washi dress! I can’t lose momentum!

    • whoa that’s an awesome list. I don’t see Beatrixalong though? am I looking in the wrong spot?

  12. I’m in… just need to pick fabric out of the stash to make a wearable muslin out of. Would you recommend I make the muslin before the sewalong starts?

    • Glad you’re joining in, Alice! We’ll work on a muslin together on Day 2, and I’ll post some links and guidelines for adjustments. Maybe I should map out a schedule for everyone, huh? 🙂

  13. I’m so excited to start the sew along. Thanks for running this.
    I plan in doing View B as it’s winter where I am. I just went to buy my fabric but forgot the interfacing! Doh!
    How important is it to use in this pattern as I won’t be able to get to the shops again for a while.

    • Hi Marjeanne – if you’re sewing with anything lighter than quilting weight I would really recommend the interfacing; however, lawn might have enough structure that you can get by. Just be really careful!!! (otherwise – consider binding the neckline with bias? that might be better than a facing that’s too floppy).

  14. Gutted that I won’t be able to join the sewalong as I’m away for part of next week, but I’m looking forward to catching up with it when I’m back! Have been anxiously hoarding some Bespoke Double Gauze for this since I saw your version months and months ago!

    • that would be great, you can always workalong at your own pace when you get back. And do me a favor and don’t cut into that beautiful Bespoke yet!!!

  15. I am excited to join this sew a-long. I have a brand new machine and this will be my first project on it – as well as first garment (if I finish it). I have several WIP – The time limit will keep me on track I hope – I can post pics 2 your sight but I’m not on any of the media – my mom says she might join in too

    • that would be great!! and feel free to send pics directly to my email (see contact, top of blog) if you want to stay accountable that way! 🙂

  16. Hi Rae! I’m super excited to do this Sewalong with you. It’s my first (shirt & sewalong). I LOVE this pattern! Thank you!

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